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Brand N/A Model 3502075 Quantity 1 piece(s) Color Silver Material Aluminum alloy housing Function Universal decoding tool for Renault fuel injection ECU Other Features Used together with Renault Immo Emulator; Universal decoding tool for Renault fuel injection ECU; From the year 1994 most Renault cars are equipped with engine immobilizer system and it makes replacement of injection computer more complicated. There is no problem if replacement ECU is bought from Renault service dealer it is sold with no immobilizer code stored but replacing damaged computer with used one is impossible because of mismatch of unlocking codes. Decoding tool has several modes of operation and deals with all known petrol and diesel injection systems introduced in range of year 1994-2001 without intervention into the ECU (diesel coded anti-start valve as well). After decoding process is completed control unit became decoded - as it was bought from dealer. ECU must be taken out from the car and connected to the decoding tool according to user manual. Systems this tool was tested with: Petrol: SIEMENS FENIX3 / SIEMENS FENIX5 / SIEMENS SIRIUS32 / SAGEM SAFIR (55pin) / SAGEM SAFIR2 (35pin) / BOSCH MOTRONIC MP7.0 / MAGNETI MARELLI IAW 06R; Diesel: BOSCH MSA15.5 (DTI) / BOSCH EDC15C3 (DCI) / LUCAS DCU3R (1.9D) / Coded fuel cut-off valve (1.9D DDS); Decoding of engine control units manufactured in range of year 1994-1996 is semi-automatic from year 1996 - fully automated. Especially this tool can be useful when rubber-filled FENIX5 SAFIR2 or coded diesel anti-start valve must be decoded. This tool will decode all listed type 1 and 2 immobilizer systems; Buying this tool you will be supplied with all required information: user manual and connection diagrams. Decoding tool is stand-alone no PC is required Keywords Renault ECU Decoder Packing List 1 x ECU Decoder (70cm-cable) 1 x Software CD CD:


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