40 0kpa pressure gauge ye 100bf

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We all know tire pressure affects performance and gas mileage. This high quality tire gauge is the best way to dial in your tire pressure. It features a flexible 4-inch hose between gauge and chuck for hard to reach tire valves, an easy to read face, air bleed button, stainless steel construction. Feature Mini tyre gauge which is convenient to bring and operate. For general car tire pressure in 28-35 pounds (28-35LBS/SQ.IN). With detachable hose, the hose connector can be screw down. The dial is surrounded by a protective rubber guard in case the unit is dropped The push button valve bleeds air to desired tire pressure. Large gauge for easy reading. Accurate measurement. Note 1kgf/cm2=98kpa. Measurement should be once a month. Specification Dial Size 5.5cm Range Available 0KPa to 686KPa/0PSI to 100PSI Unit Available KPa, PSI Accuracy ±2% Package Included 1 x Tire Air Pressure Gauge Meter Weight 150g


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